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Guybrush Threepwood
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Guybrush Threepwood i accidentally bought this album for a third time rn Favorite track: *_*.
Justin Leider
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Justin Leider this album begs for repeat listens. rock 'n' roll for the tortured soul. thrills and chills guaranteed. Favorite track: Topsider.
kevin fernandes
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kevin fernandes i'll lay low my head to bathe me in vermillion. Favorite track: Nightshade.
Raechel Hurd
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Raechel Hurd This CD was given to me by a boy. Said boy's friends were in this band. Have since stopped seeing boy but never stopped listening to said CD. Favorite track: Apocalyptophobia.
Steven Mann
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Steven Mann The best shortest songs for my ADD riddled mind. One of two bands (the other is Titus Andronicus) that makes me wish I was in a 5+ member band. Favorite track: Black Mass.
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released October 1, 2011



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Track Name: Roman Candle
old stick shift with the stubborn clutch broken down in the high school parking lot where we wrote our names on that rock; red handed nights.
is it still there?
dirt clouds by that old abandoned house,
roman candle summer, gone forever.
Track Name: Alabama West
as the sun sets over alabama west, i'm alone in a foreign country, and i keep thinking i'll never get back home.
Track Name: Black Mass
told you how i dreamt the night i did not sleep alone. "you can make it on your own." and standing for the sun we saw a sister on the pond, i think i held my breath for too long.

who cares
Track Name: Topsider
your headlights are beating down on my back and i'm alone now.
and while stagnant i remain you'll keep in motion; i hate this more than anything.
my anxiety has yet to cease, but i'll hold out.
yet all that's been on my mind is curling into you in the summertime.
Track Name: Third Eye
there’s a splinter in my skin but i think i’ll let it sit. and today i found a tick but i guess i’ll let it dig. they say “never have regrets” but the tattoo on my leg looks infected. now my face is turning blue, i’ve been coughing up my food. by tonight i’ll have removed another grownup tooth. ”and you look like someone else, let me nurse you back to health.” i don’t feel so well from these beat writers and all nighters by lamp light or by camp fire. seek new diners by state line or my type writer “i can’t find her.” i won’t smile or confide “i’d be all writer if i was a lit minor.” but tonight my drive buys her a third eye on her right thigh.
Track Name: Dark Window
buried by the ground disturbed under dark window pane,
there's a question to be answered // there's a test for you to take,
there's a desolate place or at least that's what they say.
Track Name: *_*
can't sleep for shit or live on your own, "goddamn just pick up the phone."
i quit a long time ago // gave up long ago
buy my blessing with fucking ice cream, "i'll give you all of my love."
Track Name: Nightshade
who's to blame for my embarrassing name? someone gold in age but always turning young again. another car, "bless her little heart," when you sit down to pray she's calling out your name. forever young: i pierced my mother tongue. i'm always worried they've been sucking out my blood like when you said "i hope you're born again." well, i'll lay low my head to bathe me in vermillion.
Track Name: Rotten Ones
under the floorboards in grandmother's kitchenette sit solemn grey presidents; "i'll wipe my mouth with them"
bring the rotten ones home and bury them in the ground, vegetable garden gnome will watch them grow.

living on your own is shit when you're alone,
bring my body home and bury it in the ground.
Track Name: Apocalyptophobia
my backyard's the greenest i've seen it since i moved here six years ago,
the barn is gone but i remember it always;
so i need to stop being so scared,
but i can't sleep until i figure out what i stand for.
Track Name: Bro Chillers
sometimes when i feel alright i bring myself down and i hold my mistakes in an underground place.
i can't be the one to dig them up next season, i cannot compete so give me one good reason.
give me one good reason... (ad infinitum)
Track Name: Walking Home
i'm walking home. can i call this home? the snow is hard on my feet, the cold is rough on my cheeks.
i miss my "wife" since she left, i still taste her kiss on my breathe.
i wish i wasn't so cold, or terrified of getting old.
i'm walking home.
Track Name: Elixr (19)
traveling + magazines and a window seat + hardcover diaries + dramamine. nineteen; listing my perversities. i counted 23 before falling asleep. (19)