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Lo! Lifting fog reveals a cloaked figure in crooked moonlight and it is shown -- The Closing Door -- the Blur of spirit passing through -- Proven Water Rites burning effigies of past selves -- demonstrations from beyond a lifting veil. First, the listener dims the lights, burning all candles found within the dwelling. With eyes open toward the ceiling, the listener feels dull heat from the candles in front of them. Eyes closed now, the listener begins to regulate their breathing and in time presses play on their device. Eyes open again, the listener reaches their hands to hover above the nearest flame for the duration of the first passage. The listener stares directly into candle's flame, regulating their breathing. At the dawning of the second tune, the listener lowers their hands to hold and protect the candle in front of them. A new kind of light is shown now, and the listener's thoughts may begin to wander & blur, but they continue to stare. At the end of the second passage, the listener blows out all of the candles without hesitation. In near darkness now, the listener is left to sit, breathing the remnants of fire and thoughts that drift about the room. This is the final song.

Out now via Double Double Whammy & Run For Cover Records.

Pressing Info:
Bone with Bronze Haze / 300
Milky Clear + Black color in color / 500
Sea Blue / 700


released July 16, 2015

LVL UP is Greg Rutkin, Nick Corbo, Dave Benton and Mike Caridi. Susannah Cutler makes keyboard contributions on The Closing Door.

Design by Tyler Gardosh.
Recorded at DBTS by the band.
Mixed by Mike Ditrio.
Mastered at Azimuth Mastering.



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LVL UP New York


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Track Name: The Closing Door
i cant see the floor until you open the door, until you remember to let me in and pray no more -- let the body set the score, spirit sifting through your pores.

she's thinking there and back again, but i'm not even listening. i think i said something mean, but i'm not quite remembering. the closing door shows often in my dreams and sings to sleep the body inside me.

i don't know what i'm looking for. the closing door has brought my body here before.
Track Name: Blur
you come roaring through
dirt clouds blurred you out
i want to go home
i want to be alone
riding red eyed to no one's side

i heard you fell and forgot
so i got
this photograph of us in high school
before you saw me off
Track Name: Proven Water Rites
Remember me, when I'm free I'll be easy.
Nothing underneath.
Breathing fire, breathing steam.
Cut into thirds under all this smoke and solder.
"Walk towards the door spreading sulfur."
Proven Water Rites! Cast everything aside!
If I say (this) nine times in time it could bring me back to life.
Remember me when you wake up in the morning
and when you bear your teeth, put your feet up on the ceiling.
"Take this and eat." I've got lead, and friends who love me, pepper, heat, blood, and urine.
Proven Magic Rites! Sweep everything outside!
If I say (this) nine times in time it could bring me back to life.

The mountain offers me:
clarity and comforting things
repetition and alchemy
light and energy.
The mountain offers me:
space and electricity
sulfur and circuitry for this burning effigy.

Proven Water Rites! Walk into the night!
If I say (this) nine times in time it could bring me back to life.

Remember me, when I'm free I'll be easy.