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it’s my pick me up that someone rose above this garbage once. old enough and drinking blood, if i pace myself i’ll waste the love. “come and pick me up, my oven’s broken and my car is fucked.” finding out if Frankie’s right (if life’s alright i’m ready to die). i found a piece of a moon rock. i cut the wings off a dead wasp. stayed up all night in the graveyard and went to work.
Stoned Alone 01:51
walking home, not my own but it’ll do stoned alone and feeling prone, alright to die tonight if you saw me like this i could die so i’m thinkin’ bout blue truck nights and cruisin’ the dirt in my ride
annie’s a witch moving on all fours, she took me back to where i was before, when the flowers bloomed and i got bored, i felt a pull that i couldn’t ignore. one more day to make some money honey, gonna spend it all on brand new shoes to kick these blues one more day to make some money honey, to get used to the truth, so i set a spell and hexed my tunes. now when i wake up i see a waxy sky, i see the colored in yellow eye, i see the clouds within the clouds now, and i keep putting my head down and wobbling around, and i think how (!) one more day to make some money honey, gonna spend it all on brand new shoes to kick these blues, one more day to make some money honey, to get used to the truth, so i set a spell and hexed my tunes.
Hex 02:01
last night i told my story to the sky and i told all your secrets to the guys. i had a good look at my life and i had a long talk with The Knife. if you love me it’s alright and if you’re leaving that’d be fine, but it’s just a little subway ride so i’m not coming back tonight. i can see without my eyes so i still picture you sometimes but it’s always both you guys and so i hate it every time. i need a hand to cast this shit, to lift the hex between my ribs, pick all the glitter from my things, and make me new again.
Soft Power 02:54
my friend ryan offered good advice, so i took a slice and sailed through to mellow skies. there is nothing wrong with being nice, unless it’s just a front to get yourself by, and i can tell, so what the hell (!) ;} i don’t think i really need them in my life, sometimes i wish that bird would up and die, tear through crayola skies. now i sit at home alone, watch tv, mope on the phone, and annie meets the moon, it is dawn in paris though i want to un-know the swell i felt under your hex, your floral dress, your silver wire specs. cindy moved to the other side and there she lived as if she’d died, death cult paradise, why don’t you end it where it lies? i got home and had another try, but ryan tells me all the time, he’s got the same damn problem as mine, minimal heartbreak feels nice (?)
I Feel Ok 02:20
driving — i catch your scent, cigarettes, and feel content and if i’ve made a mistake i feel ok i have wells of dust that’ve long since produced and if i lie it’s not to give myself entire
DBTS 03:03
"f that place dude, they won’t miss you. they don’t love you like we do. if you need to we can share this bed.” i promised my mother i wouldn’t bother him. but prison might be fine if it were private. no one made sure i behaved myself. take me back to practice casting spells. i’ll let her nurse me back to health. i’d go home and have another try but i don’t want to have to see you guys. third eye opens wide and now it’s crying. i’m still drunk. i must have frightened myself awake, that was the most violent dream i’ve ever had. stay away from my friends. everyone you know can tell. you think you know me well. i thought i knew myself. ~now his alarm clocks going off in the bedroom down the hall. i heard his alarm clock going off but I’m the only one it woke up.~
Hoodwink'd 00:39
i know i’ll never feel good about (that train ride), or learn my lesson, i’ve got a fake obsession with the past, and things that don’t last, so am i being hoodwinked to even think that i could love you? i think i need a soda and an order of fries to get by…
"i feel insane when you get in my bed" is something sweet that the silver jews said, and i think about you and i turn blue, dragging my dirty shoes, cindy skips my trampoline and then i lose, so that’s what i think about when i hear the silver jews. but i keep trying to lose i don’t want to be the one to bring it down, to be no fun, rhode island in the sun, what is left in new jersey but my family and my job? just me and my dog. you’re an easy sweetheart, wonder where i'm gonna be when you're back around and i keep trying to lose.
Total Loss 01:13
“i am an old god.” you forgot to turn off his alarm clock. i had the same kind of dream on the floor last night where everybody i like dies. ~“i’m no good at being alone,” but here i go. ~ bad blood. are you holding hands under a drug rug? are you still cleaning up where the spirit was? keep it under a cold lock.
Ski Vacation 02:52
i got home and there was nothing going on, not even reruns of a family song, the spirit was gone, and so i sit for a bit, biting my lip, thinking over and over all the different ways to quit, and i feel sheer rock or evergreens tower over me, the darkness devours the mountain air, the spirit there, the only willing thing i share, holding and showing without completely knowing, i hold the truth and so do you it’s nothing new, and we do what we’re supposed to do, ski vacation takes me back and it ends too soon, sheer rock or evergreens tower over me, the darkness devours the mountain air, the spirit there, the only willing thing i share.
Medication 01:36
who are you and why are you in my room? the moment that i come to you’ll be around, growing shapes in the air, resurrecting the spirit there, bellowing heat and excess water vapor into the empty room, and i will listen through “send in the clouds // bring down the rain”. it doesn’t take much for me to feel insane, my ride got hexed so i’ve been trying to catch my breath, it got hexed and it doesn’t really matter what happened next. i could get stoned alone and stare at the phone, just chill out until i’m ready to go back home, it’s alright and like, at least i have you guys to bring down the rain. it doesn’t take much for me to feel insane, so wash me clean and make me new again, by primordial heat of original sin, make me new again.
If I Leave 01:43
ice cream on the beach the roof of my car the night before you leave lightning lights your form in my window if i leave to breath, "i’m always coming back home to you" you wanna hear me say with my stone cold face under a quarter phase "you’re sweet like honey, honey."
Black Honey 02:52
all the Myrtle ghosts are asking around for a new host but i know who you’re with now. it’s the worst. i clear my lungs, there’s nothing as deep as the first cut so last night i woke up coughing blood. i called my mom. “honey, you are so strong.” but now when i hear a surf song it’s hard enough to keep calm. i want to hit your face with mine. today the dog crawled under the porch to die. if i could burn your new bed and finally spit out all this wine then i’d clear my lungs. Darin said “there’s nothing as deep as the first cut,” so last night i woke up coughing blood. she is so gone. “hey man, you were so strong.” but now when i hear “drunk in love” it makes me want to tie one off.


Hoodwink'd ~ 9.23.2014
Double Double Whammy//Exploding in Sound


released September 23, 2014

LVL UP is Mike Caridi, Dave Benton, Nick Corbo and Greg Rutkin
Elaiza Santos sings on tracks 6, 9, 10, 11, 15
Drums recorded and produced by the lonely rider Ronnie Stone in New Rochelle, NY
All else recorded and produced by the band at DBTS in Brooklyn, NY
Mixed by Mike Ditrio at Chateau D'DW in Brooklyn, NY
Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering in Chicago, IL



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